Jesus Take the Offensive

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July 23, 2017 Text:  Matthew 22:41-45

Jesus’ Strategic Interrogation: vv. 41-42.

First, Jesus seizes the opportunity: while the Pharisees were assembled.

Second, Jesus issues the question: v. 42. Whose son, is He?  His purpose was to challenge the Pharisees to answer the simplest question first; namely, from what Jewish line was the Messiah to descend?

Third, Jesus evokes the answer: “The Son of David.” The Pharisees and most Jews considered this answer to be obvious simply because they were convinced that the Messiah was a mere mortal.

Jesus’ Scriptural Indictment: Matthew 22:43-45 cf. Psalm 110.

He references Authority: “in the Spirit.”

He highlights Acceptance: Psalm 110 was acknowledged by everyone that it was speaking of Messiah. Everybody accepted this fact.

He declares Deity.

The position of deity: He sits at the right hand.

The title of deity: “Lord.” The “father” does not address his progeny as Lord — unless He is indeed the Lord!


  1. We should never chafe or reject the correction of the Lord.
  2. As blunt as this correction of the scribes was by our Lord, one cannot help but notice that there is an element of invitation in it. The mercy and compassion of our Lord — even to His enemies — remains a stirring example to us.
  3. Sadly, there is no indication of repentance from either the scribes or the crowd.
  4. The most important challenge from this “challenge” is the Person of Christ Himself: not only is He the Son of David; He is indeed the Son of God!