Jesus’ Final Public Sermon – Part 1

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August 6, 2017 Text:  Matthew 23:1-12 pt. 1

The Warning Against False Teachers: vv. 1-7.

Warning #1: They are self-promoters preventing others from entering the kingdom (“they have seated themselves in the chair of Moses”).

Warning #2: They are hypocritical: v. 3.

Warning #3: They are burdensome: v. 4 –

Warning #4: They are ostentatious: they do all their deeds to be noticed by men … v. 5.

Warning #5: They are prideful: they love the place of honor

 The Warning to True Teachers and Followers of Christ: vv. 8-12.

Avoid lofty titles: v. 8 – do not be called Rabbi.

Accept lowly positions: vv.8b, 11-12.


  1. False teachers will always be among us so we must be ready for them. Do you know Scripture well-enough to recognize the signs of the false teacher?
  2. We can never earn God’s favor; we need the righteousness of Christ. Have you trusted Him or are you still clinging to your deeds of condemnation?
  3. It is the humble soul who receives the blessings of God through Christ. Have you humbled your soul before God for His righteousness and sustaining power?