Jesus’ Final Public Sermon – Part 2

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August 13, 2017 Text:  Matthew 23:13-36 pt. 2


> Jesus is either “wooing” to or “woeing” from His kingdom.

The Woes of Judgment: vv. 13-36

They prevent others from entering the Kingdom: v. 13.

They take advantage of people: v. 14.

They condemn souls rather than saving them: v. 15.

They had perverted priorities: the Temple and the things of God: vv. 16-21.

 They emphasized the external to the neglect of the internal: vv. 23-24.

They lived for self-indulgence: vv. 25-26. The Pharisees lived for reputation, not character.

They contaminated everyone connected to them: vv. 27-28.

They believed themselves to be better than anyone: vv. 29-36. The holy life of Jesus exposed their artificial piety and shallow religion. Instead of coming out of the darkness, the Pharisees tried to put out the Light; and they failed.



  1. One must not ignore the seriousness of Jesus’ woes of judgment; they are dire in their eternal consequences.
  2. Recognize the priority of God’s ways and humbly accept them.
  3. Listen to and lean on Christ alone.

Be careful that Christ’s “wooing” of you does not turn into a “woe!”