… The just shall live by faith! – Part 2

That miracle of Divine grace wrought in the soul

Regeneration is that miracle of Divine grace wrought in the soul . . . which enlists the affections Godward, which brings the human will into subjection to the Divine, and which produces a real and radical change in the life. That change is from worldliness–to godliness; from disobedience–to obedience. At the new birth, the love of God is shed abroad in the heart by the Holy Spirit, and that love is manifested in a dominating longing and sincere purpose to please in all things, the One who has plucked me as a brand from the burning. There is a greater difference between the genuine Christian and the deceived professing Christian–than there is between a living man and a corpse. None need remain in doubt, if they will honestly measure themselves by the Holy Word of God. Ah, dear readers, the test is fruit! Not knowledge, not boastings, not orthodoxy, not joy–but fruit; and such “fruit” as mere nature cannot produce. It is the fruit of the Vine–namely, likeness to Christ, being conformed to His image. May the Holy Spirit search each one of us.

(Arthur Pink)