“The Decalogue: “Your Time Belongs to God So Use It Wisely”

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“The Decalogue: “Your Time Belongs to God So Use It Wisely”

November 12, 2017 Text:  Exodus 20:8-11

The Commandment: REMEMBER! v. 7.

The reminder: it is not something new
The timing: It is God’s weekly memorandum to his people, reminding us to give him glory for his grace.
The priority: it demands the total engagement of our whole person in the service of God.

The Strategy: Work and Rest! (vv. 9-10)

The importance of work. (Exod. 20:9).
God expects us to work. God governs our work and our rest.
The right attitude about work. Remember that work is a gift.

The importance of rest. “Sabbath” is not business as usual.
This rest belonged to the Lord. (23:3).

The Reason for the Command:  v. 11 — God!

God established the pattern in Creation. He worked and rested.
God repeated the pattern in Redemption. Deuteronomy 5:12–14.


  1. Treat God reverently.
  2. Use time wisely.
  3. Exercise freedom carefully.
  4. Trust Christ exclusively: He is our Sabbath rest!
  5. Celebrate the Lord’s Day joyfully.

The way to avoid legalism is to remember that the Lord’s Day is for celebrating the freedom that we have in Christ.

Have you experienced freedom in Christ?  Have you trusted Christ?