Fourth Commandment — Jesus Is Our Sabbath Rest

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Jesus Is Our Sabbath Rest

November 19, 2017 Text: Hebrews 4:1-13

> The challenge: commit completely to Jesus as your Sabbath Rest.

 Be careful not to miss God’s rest: “Let us fear” – vv. 1-10.

The meaning of rest. Regarding God’s rest it means no more self-effort and a rest in free grace.

The missing of rest: vv. 1. The challenge to look at Israel’s history:  see what happened when they refused to believe God — certainly good reason to fear!

The basis of rest: vv. 2-7.
> There must be personal faith: v. 2. There is no such thing as rest by osmosis
> There must be the sovereign decree: v. 6. God has called out a remnant to enter His rest and they enter it by personal faith.
> There must be immediate action: v. 7. “He appoints — limits — a certain day…” to secure that Rest.

The nature of rest. God promises that His rest is spiritual not physical.

Be diligent to gain entry: “Let us be diligent” – vv. 11-13.

There must be urgency: We must not trifle with God.

There must be seriousness: v.12. God’s word will penetrate your heart and see if you’re for real.

There must be an understanding that we will face God: v. 13.
He will fight against those who do not obey.
He will demand complete exposure. No one can fool God.


  1. Take the Word of God seriously.
  2. Recognize that God takes His Sabbath seriously!
  3. Be careful not to harden not your hearts.