The Lamb, The Lion and The Lord

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“The Lamb, The Lion and The Lord”

December 24, 2017 Text: Revelation 5:6-14

To see Jesus in all His glory — far removed from the straw of the manger — should be the compelling desire of our lives.

 The Attraction to the Lamb: 5:6. He Is the Centerpiece of all history (Revelation 7:17)

Because as Lamb He wears the marks of sacrifice.

Because as the Lamb He owns the marks of deity.

The Transaction with the Lamb: Revelation 5:7. It is not the Babe who took the scroll; it is the Lamb who secured victory.


The Reaction to the Lamb:  Revelation 5:8-14.

They acknowledge his deity.

They are thrilled with satisfaction over Christ’s worthiness.
Harps: these instruments symbolize praise and worship.
Prayers of praise: Golden bowls of incense.
Songs of salvation: Redemption, Magnificence and Worship.


Final thoughts and questions we must ask ourselves.

Are we stuck on the Babe or are we awe-struck by the Lamb?

How do you react to the Lamb in all His glory and grace?
Christ is the embodiment of Meekness and Majesty.
He combines the gentleness of a Lamb with the glory of the Lion.
It is only through the same path of suffering that we too are transformed from “glory unto glory” to Him.

While we are still in what the New Testament calls “today”, God wishes us to focus our attention on Christ – – – the sacrificial lamb – – – harmless, gentle and meek.

Let us truly worship the Lion who came as a Babe but died as the Lamb and now rules forever more as Lord of lords and King of kings.

Worthy is the Lamb!