Dump the Junk

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“Dump the Junk”

January 7, 2018 Text:  Philippians 3:4-7


The Lord is my strength; yet I am prone to lean on reeds.  John Newton


THE ABSURDITY OF SELF-RIGHTEOUSNESS: v. 4. By God’s grace, Paul was one who come to the realization that staring up at one’s halo always creates a pain in the neck.”

THE ABSOLUTES OF SELF-RIGHTEOUSNESS: 5-6. Nothing half-hearted about Paul’s religion before Christ.

THE ABANDONMENT OF SELF-RIGHTEOUSNESS:  v. 7.  Appearances can be so very deceiving – the biggest problem with all our good works is that they ultimately lead to pride — and pride, God simply cannot abide.

He forfeited all his assets: what things were gain for me, I count as loss…

He focused all his attention on Christ alone: for the sake of Christ.



  1. Never forget that it is the righteousness of Christ alone that saves.
  2. Make it a practice of your life to deliberately and definitively focus on Christ completely.
  3. In summary, set your aspirations on Christ alone.