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Our Pastor


“To know Christ and to make Christ known” has been and continues to be, the focus of our lives. My name is Kevin Robinson and with my wife, Kelly, we bring you the good news that within the pages of Holy Scripture God Himself has provided us with all that is necessary for “life and godliness” (2 Peter 1:3). Since we first met in college and during the nearly 35 years since, we have made it our goal “to walk with Christ … and make Him our greatest delight…” We are excited about the adventure God has called us to take with Berean Fellowship Baptist Church. We are prayerfully anticipating what Christ will do as He builds this part of His Church in West Hemet. We are blessed to be involved in God’s great work and we sincerely desire to see you be a part of this great work as you are led by the Holy Spirit and the Word of God. Berean Fellowship Baptist Church exists to “exalt Christ as we enjoy His presence” in our lives. The four dimensions of our name reveal our purpose: Berean — we eagerly search the Scriptures because Christianity is a rational and intelligent faith. Fellowship — we find strength and joy together as individual believers united as one body in Christ. Baptist — we stand on historic biblical principles that are most readily embodied in baptistic convictions and principles. Church — we are but one geographical and historically current embodiment of the truth that the Church belongs to Christ and that nothing and no one will prevent Him from building His church. How exciting to be part of the one organization in all of human history that has the guaranty of Jesus Christ Himself as to its success. Wouldn’t you like to be a part of such a wonderful and eternal institution? Kelly and I would surely enjoy having your company in such a “fail-proof” enterprise. Come to Fellowship Baptist and see for yourself the exciting things God is doing in our midst.

Exalting and enjoying Christ,
Pastor Kevin