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Youth Ministry — 7th grade – 12th grade — meeting on Sunday @ 9:00 a.m. each week.

Our growing youth group is an exciting place for young adults to learn what the Bible means and how it applies to the challenges of their lives.  Questions are welcome, and answers come from the Bible during group discussions.  The youth serve in ministry and have the opportunity to participate in several outings and camps every year.

No student ministry should be designed to, or is capable of, completely replacing the primary role that parents have in making disciples of the children. However, as a church, we can be a complementary voice of truth in their lives to steer them in the way that they should go. Our student ministry efforts are executed with that supporting and augmenting role in view.

God is clearly working in our student ministry. A strong foundation of the gospel of Christ is being established. Parents are being strengthened to cultivate an environment of discipleship within their homes.

Just as the Lord Jesus came not to be served, but to serve, we want our students to understand that it’s every believer’s privilege to serve others within the local church. From helping with set-up and sound on Sunday mornings, or ministry through music, to watching the younger children of families in the church, we are challenging our students to serve faithfully, excellently, and joyfully.